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  • Painting Customer Testimonials

    We recognize that nothing is more important to our success than happy customers. Ultimately, customer satisfaction is what inspires us - and what moves us to do the best possible work on every project.

    Our goal is to deliver Certainty with every project we complete. Our Certainy Service System ensures we measure customer satisfaction on every project through an independent third party rating service.

    When we arrive to provide you with a detailed estimate, we will also share our detailed ratings, reviews, and references with you.

    • I think they did an excellent job.

      Jeanette L. ,

      Evans , GA

      They did a very good job and they worked with me along the way. It really looks nice.

      Michael M. ,

      Augusta , GA

      The quality of the work and the flexibility of their schedule made the experience a "10".

      Dee A. ,

      Augusta , GA

      The painter did an outstanding job.

      Craig J. ,

      Aiken , SC

      There were a few broken window pieces that had got broken in the process and I wish they would have told me so I could have got them replaced and painted right away.

      Julia P. ,

      Augusta , GA

      They were very good and very helpful, they were excellent painters and very nice guys.

      Rita M. ,

      Columbia , SC

      They came in and worked the whole time.

      Mark and Julie M. ,

      Augusta , GA

      They did a great job.They did a great job.

      Kimberly W. ,

      Evans , GA

      I would recommend Steve. I had some problems at the beginning, the estimator did a great job but they were going to send someone to powerwash my fence and I had set it up with my neighbours to put their dogs in the house, and then no one showed up and I got no phone call or anything to say they were cancelling. But because steve the estimator was very nice I gave them the benefit of doubt and didn't want to pre judge the company on one person. Then they sent another group and they did an outstanding job.

      Thomas and Bonnie R. ,

      Hephzibah , GA

      The guys were punctual and they did what they were expected to do. They were actually friendly and courteous, and there were no hidden surprises. I was concerned that it was contract work but it was all dead on the money, which was impressive.

      Kevin M. ,

      Augusta , GA

      They did a good job.

      Sandra F. ,

      Columbia , SC

      Some of the areas were the brush was used, was not blended in well and very obvious. Other than that, great job and great crew.

      Dustin S ,

      Grovetown, GA

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